How To Price A Condo - Marketing Campaign with Real Estate Agent Brandon Crichton

How To Price A Condo - Marketing Campaign with Real Estate Agent Brandon Crichton

September 01, 2019

How To Price a Condo for Sale

“How To Price a Condo” is the first episode of an online marketing campaign Vantage Digital Media is working on with Brandon Crichton of VPG realty.

The series sets out to answer commonly asked questions from his current and potential clients, increase his online following by reaching people outside his current follower base, and build SEO for his website,

Vantage Digital Media worked alongside brandon to come up with a series of subjects that prospective clients are likely to search online, we set out to create content that would be sought out organically by a demographic interested in the services that Brandon provides. 

We set out to create content that would be easily found through search (hosted on YouTube), and broke down naturally into segmented pieces for social media.

The first video in the series was designed to answer a question frequently asked by prospective clients looking to list their property in Vancouver’s housing market.

How do you price a condo?


In order to achieve viewer retention, we focussed on creating content that featured information of value in return for the time a viewer invested in watching each video.

In addition to creating content with a purpose, it was important to communicate to the viewer Brandon’s area of expertise, his depth of knowledge on the subject matter, how he provides value to his clients and how to contact him for more information.

The media pieces were optimized for each platform (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) by researching the viewing habits of users, the device the content would be likely viewed on and how to maximize the lifespan of the content on each feed, especially on instagram with it’s rapid refresh rate.


Filming for “How To Price a Condo” required 2 days. As we were able to repurpose media archived in our library from Brandon’s previous real estate listing videos as B roll, we were able to save our client both time and money.

It was important to capture Brandon in the moment, to ensure his message remained genuine, and didn’t come off as overly scripted. To achieve this, we approached the shooting with a documentary style, and captured the story elements while following him around to several of his listings and asking in the moment questions about the elements that went into pricing each individual condo.

The end result was an educational, short form documentary exploring the factors that go into pricing condominiums on Vancouver’s north shore.


Delivery of “How To Price a Condo” included the following assets

  • 1 x YouTube video
  • 1 x YouTube thumbnail
  • 1 x IGTV video
  • 1 x IGTV cover photo
  • 2 x instagram story photos
  • 6 x instagram story videos
  • 4 x instagram post videos
  • 4 x facebook post videos

The media was organized to be released over a 4 ½ week release schedule, in order to keep the theme visible on social channels with rapidly refreshing feeds (such as instagram) throughout the length of the campaign.

The content was delivered via dropbox, with files organized into folders corresponding with the scheduled release dates of the content to keep things easy and organized for our client.

In addition to the release of video assets (created by Vantage Digital Media), an accompanying blog post was released on and shortened versions of the video were sent out in his monthly newsletter.

This resulted in a spike of web traffic, several direct enquiries from prospective clients and an increase in Brandon’s social following over the month of May.

Although the initial marketing push of How To Price a Condo has been completed, the video content will remain an integral component of Brandon’s SEO strategy moving forward.

To find out more about how Vantage Digital Media helps our clients plan, produce and distribute content for their online marketing campaigns, visit our brand marketing page.

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