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Platform optimized content.

Whether you are looking to market a person, a brand or a product we have the necessary tools and experience to help you create content that is genuine, on brand and effective at communicating your message to your audience.

We specialize in creating content optimized for the distribution methods you will be utilizing in your campaign. Whether your platform is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, or a mixture of many, we can help you conceptualize and create media that is configured appropriately for the attention span, user interface, and formatting of each delivery method.

What does this mean?

Each social platform has users interacting with content in a unique way. When creating media for online distribution it is important to make sure it caters to the way the user will be finding, watching and interacting with the content. With each piece we create we ask ourselves the following questions:

- Will the targeted demographic be utilizing search tools to find this content? What terms will they be searching?
- Will this platform's users be scrolling through a feed? How can we make the content stand out?
- Do users on this platform view content vertically or horizontally? 
- Do users on this platform watch video with, or without sound?
- What is the average attention span for users on this platform?
- How will viewers be enticed to watch the full video?
- What is "trending"? Is this relatable to your target demographic?
- What is the lifespan of media on this platform?

We strive to ensure that our content is optimized for how it will be consumed online, and break down each piece of media to be platform specific. An online campaign may be broken down into the following format, starting with the longest, most in depth piece at the top of the pyramid (YouTube), and getting shorter, and more directed towards a specific point as it moves down the ladder.



Maximize the return on your investment.

Beyond the benefits of having content delivered in the most user friendly format on a multitude of platforms, this also allows our clients to maximize their ROI as it extends the lifespan of their media online. Platforms like Instagram refresh rapidly, with many posts losing visibility in the main feed within just a few days. By spreading out the release of your content, we can ensure that it stays relevant for as long as possible.

Check out the below examples and read through the linked case studies to see how Vantage Digital Media has worked with our clients to bring their campaigns to life in the past.

"Can You Do Nightly Rentals in Squamish?" was an online marketing campaign distributed over 4 1/2 weeks on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

In total 17 videos including; 1 Youtube video, 5 Facebook videos, 1 IGTV video, 5 Instagram posts, and 5 Instagram stories were delivered to the client, allowing him to maximize the reach of his campaign through multiple channels over an extended period of time.

Read the full case study here.


"How To Price A Condo For Sale" was broken down into point specific segments for Facebook, Instagram (posts) and Instagram (stories). In total 16 videos including; 1 Youtube video, 4 Facebook videos, 1 IGTV video, 4 Instagram posts, and 6 Instagram stories were delivered, allowing this campaign to be distributed through a scheduled release over a 4 1/2 week period.

Read the full case study here.