Real Estate

Don't just shoot, deliver.

Whether you are marketing a house, a condo or an entire development, a video marketing campaign can help make your listing more visible, but it's all about the delivery.

It is important to realize that one video is not effective on all platforms. Users on Instagram have different attention spans, and are consuming media in an entirely different way as they scroll through their feed than a user who has actively sought out an MLS listing and found your embedded Youtube video.

Depending on the platform, users hold their phones differently, are more or less apt to be watching with sound, and vary in how much time they are willing to invest in watching a video.

We consider the delivery of media to be paramount to the success of the campaign, which is why when we hand over the finished content to our clients they find several videos, neatly organized and labeled, specifically created for the individual distribution platforms they are using. 

Content that goes beyond the listing.

We create content not only to market a listing, but the listing agent as well.

Just as many buyers find a property through online search or scrolling through their feed on social media, many sellers are finding their next agent based on who they view as the most effective marketer.

By listening to our clients needs, adapting stylistically to their personality, and creating multi-use content with a longer lifespan, we are helping agents communicate with their future clients.


Content. Future proofed.

In order to prepare our clients for the future as the demand for online media continues to increase we ensure that all media is archived, and stored in house to be accessible for future marketing initiatives.

100% of our footage is captured in a minimum of 4k resolution, utilizing state of the art camera systems to ensure it stays useable for years to come.

Media can be repurposed to be used in success stories, marketing videos (see our brand marketing page), or anything else you come up with, saving you money down the road.

For more examples of our work, please check out our YouTube channel.